Universal roof rack – an on road solution for more space

Times when families carried little belongings with them on trips is long gone. Now, even short vacations require great number of things and even a larger car is not big enough for all the suitcases, backpacks and precious things with great sentimental value. Car trunks are larger than ever before but still not large enough for all the belongings so new ideas and innovations had to be presented in order for travelers to be able to take all their things with them. And so the idea of carrying your belongings on the roof of your car came to being and with it universal roof racks were developed.

Roof racks on top of their car
Universal roof racks

A roof rack is usually just rods which are safely positioned on top of your car and on it you can put either a roof box or a holder for your bike or skies.

In order to create more space in the car, more and more travelers install universal roof racks on top of their car. It has become more and more popular in the recent years and it is very common to see cars with some sort of addition on the roof. There is absolutely no reason to worry about the safety of your car or your things during your ride if the roof racks are installed properly and if the model of your car supports it.

This trend of transporting things on the top of the car used to be a big novelty but people accepted it very quickly because when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Because the top of the car is a very large surface and is always available so it is logical to use it for transportation of large items. If you need more space for smaller objects than a roof box is a perfect attachment to your universal roof rack. But if you need to take your bike or skis with you, then this is probably your only choice since neither would fit into your car.

Universal roof rack set

Finding the perfect roof rack couldn’t be simpler. You can choose exactly what you need for your vehicle’s model and year and in this way you can be sure that it will fit and be perfectly safe. Universal roof rack sets are the perfect solution if you want to be prepared for any need that might come along.

Universal roof rack set
Very reliable and long lasting roof rack

Strong, durable feet and roof bars will keep your items safe. Some car owners also prefer an all-in-one, pre-assembled roof rack that already matches all of their needs. There are also additional options such as locks and locking straps if you need the assurance of extra safety.
The roof rack sets usually consists of safe and secure rack feet, heavy-duty and aerodynamic roof bars, all-in-one, pre-assembled roof racks and a roof rack accessories

Universal roof racks on the market today

Today it is possible to find many companies that produce universal roof racks. When it comes to the quality and their reliability of performance, a company named Thule from Sweden really stands out. Right next to it is Nordrive from Italy. If you choose to buy products from these companies, you will be sure that you have purchased a very reliable and long lasting roof rack. Both companies also offer many accessories which a buyer might need, such as roof boxes and also racks for skis or bikes. It is common practice to buy one or more of these accessories while buying the universal roof rack because then you will be sure that it will match and sometimes you can also save a lot of money because if you buy everything from one company, discounts are available.

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The companies which bring us some of the best universal roof racks have established testing of all their products which means that before going out into the market, the roof racks have been tested for any weakness under all of the weather conditions that might occur.

Important details to be careful about during purchase

While doing your research, which is necessary before doing the actual purchase of your universal roof rack, you will notice that the roof rack sets usually consist of three parts which are the base, also known as the head, the rods and the connectors.

roof rack sets usually consists of safe and secure rack feet, heavy-duty and aerodynamic roof bars
Roof racks on the car

Even though the universal roof rack in its size fits almost any car roof, some minor differences might be possible. So it is always advisable to point out for which car model you are trying to buy the universal roof rack for and also to ask the retailer for assistance. It is also common that the rods and connectors are different, depending on the height of the roof, while the socket consists of several parts, depending on the car. The kit, which is currently adapted to the majority of the cars, comprises a base with 754 head.


The best roof racks on the market today have been produced from aluminum which is known to be hard standing against all weather conditions. That means that your universal roof rack will not be affected by the heat of the direct sun light during the summer nor will it be damaged by the snow or storms during the winter months. It has been created to carry up to 100 kilograms which is more than enough for most users. However, if you need to transport something heavier than that, there is an excellent selection of specially designed racks which were designed to transport heavier burdens and also it is best to buy special dedicated belts which make sure that everything is safely fastened on rails. They are very solid and elastic but they also stretch easily, and once you tighten them you will be sure that everything is well secured.

Universal roof racks have been designed to put safety first. In other words, if you install it on your car, the universal roof rack will never get your attention off the road nor will it make your vehicle less stable.

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