Car sun shades protect you from unwanted sun

Withcar car sun shades are almost similar to sun glasses in some ways. The moment you try them, you will never be able to live without them ever again. This is especially the case if you need to park your vehicle under the scorching heat of the sun for over 15 minutes. 

A sun shade is almost like a bargain as far as car accessories are concerned. The primary advantage of vehicle sun shades is that they protect your car’s interiors from the dangers of UV radiation. They can also keep your car cool and cozy during summer months and warm and comfy once winter days kick in.

What are Car Sun Shades?

 A sun shade is basically a foldable screen that comes in various sizes in order to fit the size of the windshield of a particular vehicle. Once parked, you just have to put the shades against the inner part of the windshields. 

Car sun shades
Car sunshades – display of use

To hold these sun shades in place, all you have to do is pull down the passenger and driver sun visors. There are some shades that also feature suction cups or elastic bands. 

These accessories are often made out of nylon polyester blend that features a reflective layer on the outer part. It is the outer layer that is responsible for deflecting the rays of the sun to allow the absorption of just a fraction. 

Benefits of Car Sun Shade Installation

There is more to a car sun shade than what is visible to the eyes. It is a decorative accessory for cars that can help maintain your car’s value. How does it do it? For starters, it can offer protection not only for you but also for your passengers, the interior, and the rest of the contents inside your car. 

Car sun shades - where we can place them
Where we can install car sun shades

But, if you take a good look at the sun shield of your car, you will discover several practical and helpful uses that might actually surprise you. Below are some of the benefits and things that car sun shades can do:

It can add charm or color to the interior décor of your vehicle.

Consider a standard vehicle sun shade, for example. These sun shades are available in various colors such as silver. There are some that are also reversible with charming expressions and big eyes that can bring your car to life. Gone are the days of boring cars. Sun shades can add a lot of charisma and charm to your car that it can even become an instant celebrity itself. 

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It lowers the temperature inside your car.

If you don’t cover your vehicle’s windshield, you will like a blast of sauna hits your face every time you enter your car. 

It saves your hands from that nasty steering wheel burn.

If being hit by sauna on your face is not enough, the next thing you know is that your hands are also burning, all because you didn’t install a sun shade. 

It offers privacy.

Sun shades also provide privacy, especially for drivers that choose to stay inside their parked vehicles. 

It prevents mature fading of car upholstery. 

Without the help of car shade, there is always the risk that your vehicle’s upholstery will soon fade because of prolonged UV ray exposure.

It saves your dashboard from destruction and cracking. 

Extreme heat from the UV rays can make your dashboard can soon disintegrate before you even know it. Good thing with such a low tech simple accessory item, you can get an easy fix in no time. 

It protects your car gadgets and electronics from heat damage.

If you are not using a vehicle sun shade, the heat inside the car may reach extreme levels that might not be suitable and safe for both gadgets and humans. 

It offers shelter when raining.

Rain started pouring just right when you stepped outside the office. Don’t worry because all you have to do is run over to your car with your sun shade to keep yourself safe from the rain. 

It can be used as a good activity corner for kids.  

Yes, your sun shade might just be what you need to keep your kids to stop them from whining and bickering. You can use it as a good spot for coloring to save yourself from headaches. 

It can come in handy as no-mess feeding tray during snack time

Your car’s backseat with new car seat covers will surely thank you for keeping it safe from food spills and stains. 

It helps protect car audio electronics and infotainment systems. 

Heat buildup can be very damaging to these important parts of your car. Thankfully, a sun shade will help you protect them from unwanted damages. 

It can deter crimes of opportunity.

Through installing a sun shade in your car, you will be able to deter crimes of opportunity since it will be harder or even impossible for robbers to see inside your vehicle.

It lets you add a personal touch to your vehicle.   

As mentioned earlier, sun shades come in different options and this allows you to personalize them with anything that suits your interest. You can get them in decorative prints like famous artworks, sports team logos, tropical scenes, and more.  

Ultimately, all of these benefits will not just provide comfort for you as the driver or owner as it can also increase the resale value of your vehicle.

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The Bottom Line 

Every time people think of car sun shades, most of them only consider it as an accessory that they can only use for a few months, specifically in the summer. What they don’t realize is that sun shades offer a lot of benefits that they might not have even imagined. 

These affordable and handy accessories must be used all year round to offer maximum comfort and protection. Aside from making you feel comfortable while driving, a sun shade can also make your car look much better and retain its resale value for a longer time.

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