Air Conditioning radiator

Previously, taking the air conditioning on in the car was a luxury, but now it has become a necessity to reverse the effects of heat, this taking into account the number of times they get stuck in the traffic as cars and also assuming that to take the windows of form closed is possible protection.

Any air conditioner consists of a compressor, which is responsible for pumping the gas at high temperatures in a gaseous state in the air conditioning circuit, has a function something like the heart in the human being. When the compressor expels the gas, it goes to the condenser, which is located in front of the radiator and disperses the heat of the gas through the cells called heat exchangers, and which work at the same time with a fan that helps to expand the air conditioning.


Everything explained above, enters a process called boiling, which transforms the gas from the gaseous state to the liquid state, then passes through a filter dehydrator, which is responsible for purifying and at the same time suck moisture. The next stage is evaporation, the gas enters the expansion valve and is pressurized back to the gaseous state, from where the gas that starts to come out is cold. Then the gas enters the compressor again and comes out again, it is based practically on a cycle.

Air Conditioning radiator

Experts in the industry say that there is no exact stipulation about how much fuel is consumed with air conditioning radiator (, however, they have estimated that consumption increases between 15 and 20 percent, all this depending on how effective the system is.

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Air recirculation

There is a button on the panel of the car that most people can not understand that is, therefore, do not pay enough attention, that button is the “Recirculation of air“, its function is to prevent external air between in the car. This button is normally activated when you pass through places with bad odors, or if you are near a truck that leaks a lot of smoke. But you have to be very aware of accidentally turning this button on, as the car’s air runs out of oxygen. Therefore, this button must be used when it is really needed.

When this button stays on, the car’s air recirculates several times throughout the system, and as the system is responsible for dehydrating the air, it stays drier and colder. Instead, with the button off the air is renewed and the humidity level that should be comfortably maintained is maintained.

Experts also argue that there may be bad odors, due to an accumulation of fungi in pipes and air boxes, such as during periods of rain, due to water that remains stagnant, or breathing blockages.

In seasons with cold climates where air conditioning is not used so much, it is recommended to turn on the system for at least 5 or 10 minutes, since while the system is not in use the gas is lost, this usually happens in cars with enough years old.

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