Roof bars as an external transport system

Any type of environment in which you spend a little more time every day needs space. This is true both for the home environment, when there is a need to store and put away various objects and, above all perhaps, when these objects must be transported from a point A to a Point B. this is why our vehicle, if not it is equipped with a trunk and a spacious interior, it is often not enough for this operation. Fortunately, there is a valid and practical alternative to solve this problem: roof bars.

What are Roof Bars

Roof bars are something you see very frequently, especially on modern vehicles such as SUVs and minivans. They are actual roof-mounted bars that run throughout the vehicle. Their purpose is to provide an attachment point for cross members and other devices designed to secure loads to the vehicle roof (e.g. glove boxes or car trunks).

Roof bars
Roof bars are the foundation of any load carrying system

The rails are attached to the roof of the vehicle by means of feet or other supports such as clips or hooks. The roof attachment system is just what the roof bars from other attachment devices, such as rails for example, which are usually integrated directly as a vehicle accessory.

The advantages of the roof bars

The first is obvious and that is the possibility of not occupying space inside the vehicle, removing the comfort of the passengers. The transport of bulky loads on the roof will in fact allow you not to have to lower the rear seats to increase the capacity of the trunk nor to have to sacrifice the transport of a person.

Car roof bars
Roof bars allow for larger items to be carried on your car roof. Comfortably transport both luggage and bikes with your car.

Furthermore, choosing the roof bars as an external transport system takes away many bureaucratic hassles such as the assembly and safety of a towbar with trolley, which requires an approval to be certified if not provided as standard, and the permit and authorization to use.

Types of Roof Bars

Roof-mounted roof bars are generally of two types. The first type resembles a sort of long and inverted “C”. In this type of roof bars the fixing point is given by feet mounted directly on the roof, on which we can assemble and disassemble our roof bar as needed. These feet naturally form a small rise that creates a sort of arch between the body and the bar, preventing the load from coming into direct contact with the roof. Another type are the bars that are mounted directly on the vehicle’s handrail.

Roof racks Nordrive / Withcar

In this case they are usually fixed because they are complex to disassemble without scratching the bodywork but very comfortable as they are more resistant than the others. Vehicles are generally equipped with handrails to simplify the attachment of various types of roof racks and transport systems, including roof bars. The roof bars themselves are not a transport system themselves, the guides inserted directly into the roof instead provide a stable support for fixing other objects that carry loads, such as crossbars or turrets that can be used to carry various loads, even heavy ones.

Alternatives to Roof Bars

Roof carrier bars cannot be installed on all vehicles. Some cars or heavier vehicles, such as trucks or vans, have t-bars (t-racks) or grids with dedicated fixing points. T-tracks are channels or depressions that run the entire length of the canopy. In this kind of transport systems, the fixing points are real mounting points, always located on the roof of the vehicle and often hidden by sliding flaps that cover this “depression” inside which the rack is mounted. Some roof racks of this type do not require any type of mounting point installed, but are attached directly to the vehicle body. It goes without saying that in this case it is very easy to influence the state of health of the bodywork by fixing them in an artisanal way or with the aid of professional tools which, however, we do not know how to use properly.

However, we can underline that, regardless of the type of vehicle and the type of Withcar roof bars that we are going to choose, this is a very useful and convenient solution for the transport of objects, especially bulky objects.

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